What is Li-Fi?

What is Li-Fi?

What is LI-FI? If you want to know about LI-Fi, you are in the right place. In this article, you will be know all about it. Read this full article to know all about it.

Li-Fi means Light Fidelity. Li-Fi is a technology based on wireless communication. It utilizes light to transfer and position data between devices.

It is another kind of Wi-Fi but faster than Wi-Fi. In 2011 it was first introduced by Harald Haas, who is the Chair Professor of Mobile Communications at the University of Edinburgh. Li-Fi uses LEDs for data transmission. It is an optical networking system.

Features of Li-Fi:

Li-Fi uses an optical communication system which is faster than Wi-Fi. It uses the frequency spectrum of 10000 times of radiofrequency. As it uses optical fiber
Or the optical communication system, it is more secure. It is useful in electromagnetic sensitive areas such as in aircraft cabins, hospitals and nuclear
Power plants.

It Eliminates neighboring network interference and Prevents piggybacking. It is ten times cheaper than Wi-Fi. Li-Fi enables a greater area of coverage than a single Wi-Fi router.

The sub-assemblies:

  1. RF power amplifier (PA)
  2. Enclosure
  3. The printed circuit board (PCB)
  4. BULB


a.      Managing Traffic:

It can help us to manage traffic. To better manage traffic it can decrease road accidents. Traffic lights can be used to communicate with LI-Fi. A traffic light can be the sender to transfer data with the car to manage traffic. Also, the car can communicate with each other and it can decrease the accident. Car’s LED light can alert drivers when another can is close.

b.     Communication in Underwater:

It can work in Underwater. This is the most important thing about LI-Fi. Li-Fi can work in underwater, where Wi-Fi fails.

c.      Manage Disaster:

It can be used, to save people on Disaster. We can use it to communication at the time of disaster.

d.     Airways:

We can use It on the airplane. We have to switch off our phone because of our phone’s overlapping signal. But if we can use Li-Fi on the plane because it does not use RF.

e.     Medical:

It can use in a hospital. And also we can use a medical setting where required the lack of RF signals. And it does not make radiation like Wi-Fi.

f.       Advertising:

The street lamp can be used to display advertising. Stores front light can display ads.


It Transfer data using light. So it required light while work. So you need bulb light on. It needs Bulb light while day. And if your bulb is off. Your data Connection also will be off. So I think it was a problem. Light cannot pass walls or objects. So if your device or receiver block anyway, the connection cut out immediately. It does not work in obscure areas.


Can I see Li-Fi light Sparkle?
No, you can’t see the light Sparkle. It use LED light to transmit signal such as a Fast rate that we can’t see.

Can it work in my pocket?
No, you can’t use it in your pocket.

Can it work if I turn off lights?
No. It does not work if you turn off the lights.

Can I work with sunlight?
Yes. I can work in sunlight.

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