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PUBG GAME! PUBG means Player Unknown’s Battleground. It is an online multiplayer game. It is an Action shooting game. Pubg developed and published by PUBG Corporation. It is a sub company of Bluehole. And Bluehole is a South Korean video game company. It is a last-man stand base game. Pubg was build with Unreal Engine 4. Pubg game’s concept and design was led by Brendan Greene. He is a web designer, photo grapier and also a graphic designer.  He is a game lover. And he wanted to create more random game.


PUBG earn 11 million USD in first three days in March 2017. In second week of April they sold over one million copies. In 2017 gameradder ranked it 12th on the 25 best game of 2017. It won multiple awards. PUBG was the top selling game in 2017. PUBG get best multiplayer award. Developer developed this game with Unreal engine 4. And designers design maps, in mind with real map.



In this game about 100 player drop in a map by airplane. And then they find guns, tools like jacket, helmet, scope and lot’s more. They you have to kill your enemies. And there have a blue zone. After some time, blue circle became smaller. If you go outside of blue zone. You lose your energy or life.

And there also have a red zone. Red zone is a small zone. And it’s continuously change. If you go into re zone. You can died by bomb. And some time you can see airplane drop some think. It called drop. In this box you can get high level guns, helmet, cloths or cops. You can use car or motor cycle in this game.

There is some mod of PUBG. You can play multiplayer or single play. You can play full match or small match. if you want you can invite your friend to play together. Pubg has lot’s features. That’s why players like pubg. Graphic of PUBG is very good. And you can use modern and realistic weapons. And PUBG has huge collection of guns. Also you can use different type vehicle.  

Popular Weapons List:

  1. Groza
  2. MK47 Mutant
  3. AKM
  4. Beryl M762
  5. Vector
  6. Micro Uzi
  7. UMP45
  8. M249
  9. SCAR-L
  10. M416
  11. VSS
  12. AWM
  13. Kar98k
  14. AWM
  15. Aug A3

In 2018 PUBG players spend $160 million. Over 400 million player played PUBG. They banned 13 million player for cheating in the game. In 200 days pubg mobile crossed $100 million in revenue.

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