How to stay focused ?

How to stay focused

How to stay focused ?

How to stay focused ? When we try to read books or we want to focus on something. Some people can’t focus. But if you cannot focus on something, you can not get success. Or you can’t finish your work. we need to focus. So how to stay focused ?

If you want to stay focus, you have to train your brain to stay focus. Now I am telling to you how can you train your brain to stay focus.

You have to avoid these things

1. Watching TV:

if you watch a lot of TV. You have to avoid this. Because it can drive your focus.

2. Skipping your meals:

if you skipping your meal, stop it right now. Because it can harm your health and mind. Don’t do that again.

3. Being too emotional:

Don’t be too emotional.

4. Sleeping late:

Don’t sleep late at night.

5. Late wake up:

Wake up early in the morning. It is good for health. Wake up at least 8 A.M

6. Watching PORN.

It is a bad habit. And bad for our body and mind. Please Stop it. Stop watching porn from now.

7. Maturation:

Masturbating is a very bad habit. And it also very harmful for the body/ mind. So stop doing Maturation.

8. Thinking about revenge.

Don’t think about revenge always.

9. Notification check:

Do not check social media notification every 5 minutes.

10.  Thinking about the past:

Don’t think past always.

What to do?

How to stay focused ?

1. Set a Daily Routing or priory list:

First, think about your to-do. Which work you much have to do. Think about which project you have to do right away. Make four lists.
a.      Do right away
b.     Plan to do ASAP
c.      Delegate
d.     Dump or postpone
Urgent and important works do right now. And then finish not urgent but important works. And next is Urgent but not important.

2. Finish your work:

Finish what you start. The main reason for your loss is to start and stop. Finish your work and make it a habit. This is very important. Always try to finish your work-time to time.

3. Do Mediation:

This is a better way to train your brain to star focus. By doing Mediation you will learn to deal with distribution. So you can focus. So Mediation daily.

4. Turn off Distraction:

Mute all notifications of your social media. Social Media’s notification can drive your focus from your single task. So turn off all notifications. To stay focus.

5. Good Food:

Eat good foods. Avoid junk foods. Your brain expects good and healthy food to work efficiently.

6. Power Naps:

Take a 20-minute power nap in the afternoon. It can increase your energy level and focus. And is also good for health. So you can do this.

7. Release stress:

You can’t focus on your work with stress. So you need to Release stress. You have to find a way to release stress. Like meditation, therapy, music, ETC.

8. Breaks:

Set your breaks. If work takes so much time, then you have to fix your breaks. Because you need breaks. Set your break time, duration.

9. Sleep:

Sleep enough. But sleep at the right time. And also wake upright time. If you do not sleep properly, it can affect your thinking and ability to be productive.

10.  Motivate:

Keep yourself motivate. Promise yourself a reward when you finish your work or project. Tell yourself that you can do it. Visualize your goals.

How to stay focused ?

Try these tips and tricks hope it will work for you. I hope It will solve your problem. If it works or you like this please share this article.
You can send me messages from contact us page. Thank you.

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