Electricity Bill Checker BD

Electricity Bill Checker BD

Check or calculate electricity bill without using complex Math. Just enter your last month and present month unit. And get Bill with all information.The app not only shows you the total bill but also indicates in which purpose the bill is calculated.
You can check –

– Home Electricity Bill
– office Electricity Bill
– School Electricity Bill
– Hospital Electricity Bill
– Krisi Electricity Bill
– Sub Meter Electricity Bill
– Etc

Extra –

– In this app you can see the official rate of PDB/WZPDCL. So you can sure that we are use correct tariff or not.
– You can get Numbers of Electric (PDB/WZPDCL) Employs number for all over the world.

In a word you can calculate or check all kind of category Electricity Bill.
This app made as PDB/WZPDCL released new and updated (27 Feb 2020) information.
Save your time with this app. Often people cannot understand how the bill is calculated and cannot understand if they has been cheated or not. This app can be helpful for them.

Connection Category

A: Residential
B: Agricultural pumping
C: 1 – Small Industries
C: 2 – Construction
D: 1 – Schools, Religious organizations and hospital
D: 2 – Street Light and Water Pumps
D: 3 – Buttery Charging Center
E: Commercial and Office
T: Temporary

How to Use:

1. Select Your Connection Category
2. Enter you Last Month And Present Unit
3. Click Calculate
4. Get You Bill with all information

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