BMW Is Back With Vision Next 100

BMW Is Back With Vision Next 100

BMW Release a new car name BMW Vision The next 100. They said this is the future car. The Look of the Vision The next 100 is Very good. It has a Geometric Design.

This car is a piece of art. In this car, they use new technologies. One of them Alive Geometry. It gives a sleeker look. The Head-Up Display and the analog “Alive Geometry” display recommendations to optimize driving performance.

A living Exterior which allows the car to turn different directions. They also made a new change. They make it Encapsulated Wheels. This is one of the newest and awesome concepts by BMW. Dynamic wheel arches that help intelligently reduce drag and lower energy consumption. It has fully automated easy mod. To help self-driving the car.

BMW Vision Next 100

And Next awesome thing is Handle-less Door. It has Enters Self-Driving Mode. It has a 2-handle steering wheel. And when the car enters the self-driving mode. Wheels disappear. In Ease Mode, the driver’s main focus is not on the road, but on the entertainment offering inside the vehicle and surrounding attractions.

IT has a Giant Computer screen. I mean it has Interactive Windshield. Which gives us warning from potential obstacles to watch for on the road. This is the vision next 100.

Its optimized aerodynamic design creates a breathtaking profile that runs boldly from its iconic double front grilles to tapered rear like a single aesthetic brushstroke.

This car made with carbon fiber and plastic exterior. It is very strong. They use new technology in this car. We can say this is the future car.  It Cost $200, 000 Dollar. BMW vision next 100 might just become the ultimate self-driving machine. The entire team of BMW focus to turn driver into the “Ultimate Driver”, who thereby becomes one with the vehicle. Who comfort with this car.

BMW Says they are focus to create a personal vehicle. Where drivers fell comfort. And they want to turn driver into ultimate driver. Thy want to give futuristic and save fell to drivers.

BMW want make more comfort it for drivers in futures. They want to give best fell for drivers. They says they focusing on the drivers experience. Intelligent materials enable more security. It contact drivers with the road and provide a better feel for every driving situation. This is Vision Next 100.

People likes looks of vision next 100. Also its technology. BMW release this car in los angel at BMW ceremony. It going to be number 1 car in the now world. Very impressive car. That’s why people say’s BMW back with Vision next 100.

A dashboard made up around 800 movable triangles with red sides. The triangles generate movements that make drivers focus on driving.

 Switch driving modes in the blink of an eye: simply touch the BMW logo on the steering wheel to change between Ease Mode and Boost Mode.

This is The BMW vision next 100. The future is now. BMW is back with Vision next 100.

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