BILMOLA Helmet | Save your Life

Today we are going to describe the most important think of nowadays. And it’s about the safety of life . in many countries we usually use to travel on the bike to go somewhere. every year a huge number of bikers died in the accident. most of them have seen without a helmet and that is why it happens the most. sometimes it happens for the low type of helmet or safety gears.

So we need to get a good kind of helmet cause the most important in this world for us is saving our life .besides some riders used to do a stunt with their bikes, so they need more safety for this. there is some brand of helmet. And today we are going to talk about the helmet named{ BILMOLA NEX}.

It’s such an expensive helmet I think but not more than a human life .besides BILMOLA is a famous brand of the helmet all over the world. cause it can save you in extreme situations .it has given the highest durability. For example, it’s a rubber bulletproof helmet. by listening that I think there is no doubt about its durability. BILMOLA has three colors of its first one is almost blue named poliza prison, m next one is also the same color but some of the changes of color you will get when you are comparing and the next one is red edition.

the three helmets are too attractive by its look. and design and shape are also good. It can tolerate more than 10000 kgs. a giant helmet you can say also. in this helmet, you will get some air in and exit point which will keep you cool while you are driving. and there are two kinds of glasses.

The first one is full glass and the next one is half glass which will give you more freshness of air while driving. And the helmet has also a glossy look.

Especially it looks on the blue BILMOLA NEX on the outside of this helmet there has been attached some well-designed sticker of police and thief I think.

and it also gives you a racing look and it will perfectly protect you from any kind of accident and will also save you from the sun and its hotness. and we will always be comfortable by wearing this helmet while you are on a ride

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