Bandicam best screen recorder for windows

Bandicam best screen recorder for windows

Bandicam is a screen recorder for windows. It is the best screen recorder to record a game of windows. You can record a program that supports DirectX or OpenGL. Bandicam uses high ratio compression. For this the recorded file much smaller than original. You can upload recorded videos with full HD.

Bandicam was developed by Bandisoft in 2008. Then Badicam Company developed it. And make it more futuristic and add extra features. Its initial release was 10 years ago on April 23, 2009.

Bandicam best screen recorder

And its stable release was February 19, 2019. Bandicam Company is a multimedia development company. They also make the GOM media player. And they make Bandicam screen recorder. Bandicam made it on the mind “all in one screen recorder”.

Bandicam make some special features on this software.

Bandicam best screen recorder for windows

Also Bandicam add real-time drawing feature. You can draw on your video while recording. If you want to make a tech video, it helps you very much.

You can add overlay webcam. You can add webcam overlay while recording. It helps you a lot. Visitors can see your reactions.

They add a scheduled recording system. You can start recording at a specific time. Also you can set a specific time when you want to record daily or weekly videos.

We can set the mouse effects and animations while recording.

Also you can record system sound and your voice at a time. It helps you to make your videos. If you want to make gameplay videos them you need this function.

You can make chroma key videos while recording. They add real-time chroma key features in this software. You can make news videos easily with Bandicam.

Bandicam has 5 modes.


Rectangle area: You can record a certain area with this mode. You have to select an area to record.

Full Screen: With these modes, you can record the full screen of your windows.

Around mouse: In this mode, you can record around your arrow key. It will record only what happens around your mouse arrow.

Game receding : You can record games by using this mod.

Device recording: In this mode, you can record a device that was connected by your windows like a webcam.


best screen recorder

You can set the output folder from the General setting. and also you can set Hotkeys from FPS settings.

You can set Video/Audio resolution, formats from Video settings. Also, you can set image format from Image setting.

You can save your videos with AVI and MP4 formats. And image formats are BMP, PNG, and JPG.

You can record all type of screen recording. So you can make all type videos with bandicam. If you want to make a gameplay or tech youtube channel, I will recommended you to use it.

people give good review on this product. And also it take place in most popular application list on filehippo

It is a soft software but but it work amazing. And you call it all in one screen recorder. And if you are thinking to start a youtube channel . make game replay or review, Or tech, tutorial videos. You can use this application.

Bandicam best screen recorder for windows

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